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World of Warcraft Guild: Lionheart Server: U.S. Vek’Nilash Alliance Battlegroup: Bloodlust Welcome to the Lionheart Guild’s website. Lionheart was established back in the spring of 2006 by a small group of casual players who thoroughly enjoy the game of WoW and have developed a great in-game friendship. Though Lionheart is smaller then many of the other guilds, we have an advantage. We have been able to establish a solid gaming relationship that not only allows us to become friends, but we also work very well together. How We Play: Lionheart is a casual raiding/playing guild made up of mostly adult working class people. We try to do most instance runs around 7 p.m. server time on Sun-Tues as we have found this to be a good time for most of our players. Some of our players are heavy into PvP, and we have established 2v2-3v3-5v5 arena teams. (We try to go out of our way to allow for anyone interested in the arena gear to have a chance at playing and earn points.) For more information about what Lionheart is all about, please click the link "Guild Rules". If Lionheart sounds like a guild you would like to join, please feel free to fill out a membership application and tell us a little bout yourself. “It’s time to get prepared!”-Cuj Again, thank you for visiting the Lionheart website!!!
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